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2024 Members Needed

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We are currently seeking a Vice President and Chair Members to help us keep the tradition of Cabin Fever Days alive.

Bad Rock Council Board Member Needed

Vice PresidenT

Do you love all thing Cabin Fever Days and can’t get enough of the Barstool Ski Races every year? Consider joining the Bad Rock Council as our Vice President! 
The Vice President assists the President with managing and delegating the Bad Rock Council meetings. Typically, the VP sees over operations of the Barstool Ski Races. They organize and manage the participants from sign-up to race day. The VP also pulls together and tears down Sugar Hill for the Kids’ Sled & Barstool Ski Races before & after the event. When you decide to take on the role of Vice President of the Bad Rock Council you become a key member to keeping the tradition of Cabin Fever Days alive. Please, send your letter of interest to us at

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The Bad Rock Council could not make Cabin Fever Days happen without the help of their chair members. These vital members of the council organize and maintain their committee throughout the year. This year we are asking for new chair members that are ready to commit to our fundraiser. We are asking that chair members make a point to attend most BRC meetings, whether it be in person or virtual. Please send your letter of interest to



MERCHANDISE: The merch chair works closely with our marketing chair and various merchandise outlets to pull all of needed merchandise together. They are also in charge of our merchandise tent the day of the event. 

KIDS’ EVENTS: The Kids’ chair organizes events for the kids throughout the day, including the sled races. They work to get food and award donations for the kids. They also work with vendors that tailor to children. The kids’ chair is responsible for the Martin City Fire Hall the day of the event.

VENDOR: The vendor chair communicates and organizes the vendors from sign-up to set-up. They are in charge of collecting fees and sign-ups. They create the map for the vendors on Central Avenue in Martin City. The vendor chair helps the vendors set-up and tear-down the day of the event. 

ADVERTISING: The advertising chair reaches out to local businesses to sell ad spaces, banners, and more. The advertising chair is in chair of collecting fees and donations. They organize all of our advertising sales onto a spreadsheet for our treasurer. 

FLOAT: The float chair designs and creates our float for the Whitefish Winter Carnival Parade & Night of Lights in Columbia Falls. They also pull together the volunteers to man the float during the Parades. 

MARKETING & DESIGN: The marketing & design chair maintains our website, social media, and brand throughout both print and digital mediums. The marketing chair organizes the yearly Artwork Call for Entry and works with the winners to produce all needed elements. They also work with the merch and advertising chairs to produce both ads and merch for the event. 

OPERATIONS: The operations chair is a vital member of the Bad Rock Council and is normally served by the VP of the Board. The operations chair organizes the set-up and tear-down of Sugar Hill the day of the event. They also manage the racers from sign-up to race every step of the way. 



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For questions about the Barstool Ski Races and more please contact the Bad Rock Council at